About Us



MEDICARE EQUIPMENT CO. , Established in August 1972 , is an M.Shah group of companies. 

Housed in approx. 12,000/- sq. feet area , and approx. 60 nos. work force, we produce mainly 

1. Steam Sterilizers 
2. ETO Sterilizers (Ethylene Oxide Gas Sterilizers)
3. Operation Theatre Tables
4. Operating Theatre Shadowless Lamps 
5. Surgical Suction Pumps.

The company got the ISI mark for Steam Sterilizers in 1973 and since then we produce Steam Sterilizers with ISI mark.

We have developed several models in sterilizers and O.T.Tables which have been well accepted in Market.

We specialize in supplying complete C.S.S.D. Equipments for any size of Hospital.

Our equipments have been exported to Africa , U.A.E. and South East Asia.

With a fleet of 10 Service engineers, we cater service to our clients all over the country. Our equipments are supplied and installed from Jamnagar to Guwahati and Srinagar to Kanyakumari..

We produce quality products and we believe in quality.