Innovative High - Vac Noiseless Suction Pump of Versatile Utility

Technical Specifications
Oil immersed pump coupled with 1/4 HP IS mark Crompton Motor run by V belt   
Stainless Steel Cabinet (M.S. Optional)
2 Glass bottles each of 1500 ml. with specially designed tapered rubber bunks and SS holder 
One bottle with cut-out - cuts off the suction when both the bottles are filled
Control Valve provided to control vacuum
Foot Switch is provided
Fuse provided to prevent damage to the motor
Special Features
Oil immersed, long lasting, noiseless pump
26" of vacuum within approx. 30 seconds
Air displacement capacity is 3 liters per 15 seconds
Powerful enough for Abortion procedure.
Yankur Cannula with rubber tubing. 
Supplied with a set of suction curettage stainless steel / brass plated cannulae, alongwith corrugated plastic tubing 
0-60 minutes timer with auto cut-off