Horizontal High Pressure Sterilizer


Carries IS Mark 3829 Part I

End ring hydraulically formed without joint to sustain required pressure. All other joints Argon Arc welded.

Two safety valves 

Low water level device. 

Pressure lock device 

Pressure lock device for the door.

Works on 121 C at 15 psi (1.05 kgf/cm2 to 1.2 kgf/cm2 ).

Hydrostatically tested.

Vacuum system incorporated.

Power : 9 KW. 440 V, 3 - Phase

First cycle   : 90 minutes.

Subsequent : 40 minutes.

    HPS - 11
Other Models :
1. HSS - 12 :  18 KW
2. HPHS - 13  Mini : Regular cum High Speed.
Best Suited for private nursing homes and all surgical branches.

Optional :
    • Mode of heating - LP GAS / Kerosene Stove / Pipe Steam or any combination for all.
    • Stainless steel 3 trays rack for instruments to be placed duly double wrapped in linen.
High Pressure Rectangular Steam Sterilizer
Large Size Sterilizer with Thermograph and Pump for Rapid Cooling  System
Salient Features :
Best suited for parenteral solutions, injectables, mattresses and hospital dressings
Unipoint Control station for all phases of the sterilizing cycle in smaller size.
Operating Temperature 121 C or higher
All necessary safety precautions namely, pressure locking door, spring loaded safety valve, dead weight safety valve etc.. incorporated
Loading carriage and trolley as standard accessories for easy transfer of loads
Choice of single door, double door, recessed or panel models
Various material combination like Mild Steel, Stainless Steel 304 / 316 available
Steam Trap is incorporated in discharge line for fast and perfect elimination of air
Size available from 12 cft. to  325 cft. or higher


Optional Features :
Single / Double  Doors
Flush Mounted
Rapid Heating
Rapid Cooling
High Vacuum Pump
PC (Computer) based Auto Control Panel
Air Over Steam Pulsing Pressure System

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