Steam Sterilizer

Steam Sterilizer with Vertical Sliding Door

   Steam Sterilizer with Horizontal Sliding Door

Tabletop Flash Autoclave 

Technical Specifications
Stainless Steel Chamber & Door
134 C for Instruments but 121 C is possible
Well insulated to minimise heat loss
Safety valves incorporated
Imported/equivalent heater for rapid heating
Door latch to prevent accidental opening
Powder coated metal cabinet (S.S. Optional)
Silicone gasket on door having long life
Auto condensation system converts steam to hot water in the reservoir enabling hot water usage for subsequent cycle.
Digital temperature indicator cum controller provided
Auto reset sterilizing and drying timer provided 

Outstanding Features

TFA - S 14

Rapid sterilization, tabletop and user friendly
Power Saver - 0.5 unit per cycle
Almost dry instruments after the cycle
Minimum water consumption - 1 litre per cycle
A rack provided with 3 perforated Stainless Steel trays
Sterilizing time 7 minutes actual time  10 - 12 minutes preheating time
Cycle runs automatically - other operations manual
Temperature auto cut-off incorporated


TFA - L 15

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