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 Features common to all Operation Tables



M.S. Frame covered with Stainless steel. 

Frame Dimensions

Width with railings - 22" (56 cms). Length in five sections - 6' 3" (160 cms)

Table Top

Radio Translucent for use of image intensifier or Stainless Steel 

Head Rest & Foot Section

Both are inter changeable with each other
Head Rest can be positioned up and down by pull-on mechanism. Foot Section is detachable. When detached, a PCNL attachment, 42" - (106 cms) long can be adopted for C-Arm. When attached, the same can be lowered by a ball & socket joint. An Orthopaedic attachment is possible.

Perineal Gap Foot section has a perineal gap with removable cover for comforts of surgery on perineal region.
Mobility Moves on 4 sturdy ball bearing castors. They are silent, non marking & antistatic. Locking mechanism is by 4 screws located at 4 corners.
Pedal System (Hydraulic) Single pedal for up-down table movement. Partial pedaling increases the height by 3/4" ( 2 cms ) per stroke. Pressing the pedal to touch the ground, lowers the height gradually.
Basic Height Can be lowered by 6" (15 cms ). In turn, the piston run will proportionately be reduced.  
  • Anesthetist screen
  • Shoulder Supports
  • Leather Wristlets
  • Side Supports.
  • Rubber Mattress 1.5" thick foam with rexin cover
  • Padded Arm Rest - 1 pair
  • Padded leg Rest - 1 pair
Special Optional
  • Neuro-surgical, accessories including skull clamp
  • Radiology top for cassette holder
  • Urology drainage tray
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